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In a society steered by the acceleration of processes, by the prevalence of economic value, of quantitative performance and consumption trends, Branding must come as a proposal for a reflexive slow-down, an invitation to immerse into, and recover, the essential, original, true and relevant values.

At times life is organized around transnational corporations - the new nations – and those will be as big as their population, their audience, it is required and necessary that they are able to openly show their flags, their value territory, their culture and their outlook on the world. And that should be more than a catalog of products and goods for sale, because the world is not a global market, and life is not a shopping mall.

For that reason, at Oz, Branding is treated as a reflection on human values, and not on strictly marketing-related values; without denying them, but weighing and balancing art and science, reason and emotion, relationships and results, sense and sensitivity, ethics and aesthetics, form and content.

First to embody the soul, and then to blow soul into the body.

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